Tuesday, 17 February 2015

CrystalWave® Lunch’n Dish with Cold Cup

Make a difference in your community The CrystalWave® Lunch’n Dish with Cold Cup is the lunchtime companion you’ve needed. Anxious to enjoy a salad and leftover fettuccini, but don’t want to heat your salad at the same time? Here’s where the CrystalWave® Lunch’n Dish with Cold Cup comes in. In the same container, store your whole lunch—but when it comes time for reheating, slip out the salad stored in the removable Cold Cup and just reheat the rest! • 1¾ cup/440 mL section, 1 cup/250 mL section and ¾ cup/190 mL Cold Cup. • In Guava. Purchasing this unique product not only makes life easier, it helps educate, nurture and encourage children in your community. With each purchase, we’ll donate money to children’s charities through the Tupperware Brands Foundation. Add it to your order and help make a difference in the lives of children in need.
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